Don’t DIY

Your time and business are too valuable to waste on a mediocre website. Focus on what you’re good at and let Unveiled Media take care of your website.

Although I use Wix as an example below, similar issues exist across all DIY services.

Customer Support

If you pay extra, Wix has an upper support level called ‘Priority Support’. Unveiled Media has only one support level and his name is Jason.


No website builder can replace human expertise. No matter how cool your template, we can tell if this is your first website. (No offense.)

Content And Strategy

Wix won’t coach you through your objectives. Have you thought through leads, engagement, conversions, product awareness, sales?

SEO And Analytics

Want to be found on Google? Want to know how visitors are using your site? Unveiled Media includes this in every package. Wix, well, they upsell you there.

Time Is Money

A DIY site takes longer than you think. I repeat: your site will take longer than you think.

Unlimited Email Accounts

With Wix, each professional email address costs you $6 per month. No, serious. With Unveiled Media you get as many accounts as you need – free.


Build a website with Wix and you’re stuck with them and their pricing. And their changing content policies! With Unveiled Media on WordPress, your website is yours and will work on any WordPress host.

Hidden Costs

It’s not just email addresses or SEO. They upsell you on private domain registration, form limits, video limits, storage and bandwidth quotas… really.



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What Is Your Website Worth?

Your website says (almost) everything about you and your work. What impression do you want to leave with your visitors?

Let’s Work Together

Consultations are free. Your new site may be a game-changer.